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An open invitation to all Mayfielders because I don't think I've put this anywhere really public before.

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Dec. 19th, 2011 01:17 pm
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[Sorry to make a new post so soon. . . ]

Holland's Dream. )

[A few days later]

[A] - all over town

[It's only a day or so later that he'd desperately looking for Hilda and Canada.  Holland will be riding his bike as fast as he can around the town looking for them.  By now, he's sure he doesn't believe Mayfield, and even if they weren't real, he misses them and wants them back.  

Eventually he brakes slowly, to a stop.  Maybe he was just tired but--

No.  No, he can't quite remember who it was he was looking for.  He'll remember, briefly, a conversation he had with the little girl, Yamame, then swallow and ride slowly back to the house.  
Something was wrong.  Something was missing and something was wrong, and he just couldn't remember.]

[B] - The Park

[Holland is sitting in front of the Christmas tree in the park.  He looks relaxed, almost casual.  It might almost be hard to see the axe that he's holding in his lap.  He hasn't been able to figure out why he's so upset at the moment, but what matters is he's very upset.]


Dec. 19th, 2011 01:15 pm
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A - Mitchell Rd.

[When Holland wakes up that morning, he gives Canada a little bit of an extra hug, surprised she's not already awake and cooking breakfast like she usually did.  Then again, they hadn't had power in a few days and it was better to stay warm, stay together.  That's why they'd been sleeping in the kitchen together, with all the blankets and pillows they could find, and a fire going in the oven.  
The broadcast is what wakes him up.  Not to mention the surprise of having power, of not being freezing cold . . . he's worried.  When Canada gets up, he'll simply look at her warily. 

Eventually, the worry gets the best of him and he takes his rabbit to his room, locking the door to be by himself for awhile.  The idea of the drons of Canada and Hilda were too much for him.

The drones were still creepy, no doubt.]

B - Still in the house

[A little later, once Canada and Hilda were outside, Holland will sit down and start writing down the names of those who the broadcast mentions.  When he comes to certain ones - Lucas, The Captain, Romana, Germany, Australia. . . and of course Canada and Hilda.  It's hard to know if this is something the down is doing or if it's permanent. 
Maybe it's not even real.  He'll unlock the front door.  Feel free to visit.]</small>

C- Phone call 

I don't believe Mayfield.  I don't think anybody should.

[It's just too painful to think of Canada, Hilda, Lucas and everybody gone.]


Dec. 4th, 2011 12:56 am
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[It's just another day.  Another day since nuclear annihilation and being shot by cannibals.

Holland checks the mail on his way out.  He hadn't gotten anything yet, but since Canada got the moose, he was sure he had something coming.  

But it's not until he gets to work that he opens it.  Big mistake.]

A - [The Pharmacy]

[It's slow at the pharmacy today.  Holland is stocking a shelf near the customer window when he checks his pocket for cigarettes, touching the letter he'd tugged out of the mailbox this morning.  And then he opens it.

Really, he's dressed head to toe.  Netherlands reaches up to tug the ears off, at least--

And they don't come off.  They won't be coming off until midnight.  Thanks Mayfield.]

B – [Streets of Mayfield]

[What a perfect day to have ridden his bike to work.  It wasn't as if there were many days when he didn't, but still. 

C – [1447 Mitchell Rd.]

[Hello notfamily.  Notdad is going to be hurrying as fast as he can to the upstairs bedroom.  No, he won't be coming out, not even to pet his bunny.]
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[A] - 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Holland is slowly, slowly waking up amidst rubble.  Once he gets past the disorientation of not waking in bed, of not feeling rested and realizing he'd passed out . . . he's going to look for others.  Canada, he knew, was droned, and he feared the worst for her, unable to really defend herself.  He knew Hilda was much more reliable.

Once he's able to, he calls out, coughing in the thick, dirty air as he starts to look around.  There's no sign of his rabbit either, which leaves him unsettled.]

[B] - About town.

[He didn't care anymore.  Nothing had been this destructive in Mayfield that he'd ever seen, so he's looking for Lucas.  He didn't feel good about leaving Hilda, but he was also hoping to find some more supplies. What they had in the basement would be okay for a day or so.  Having Canada with him was comforting, at least.  They're both looking for anybody to help.

ooc:  If your character is in danger or just lost, feel free to flag one of them down.]

[C] Market

[By now, he's found himself at what remained of the Market - practically nothing.  He's still going to dig for supplies using one of the only things he was able to salvage from the garage - a broken shovel.  Somehow, his hammer survived as well, in tact.

He's even managed to find a few useful, yet battered looking cans.  And he will be keeping them.  Every so often, he'll ask Canada, who is nearby, how things are going.]

[ooc:  Options for B and C are going to be replied to by either Canada, Holland, or both depending on how we feel pfft.  Be prepared.]
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A - [1447 Mitchell Rd.] - for housemates

[Once home from work, Holland is going to spend a good deal of time listening to the phone lines.  If he understood right, somehow, somewhere, his actual notwife is stuck in a plant of some kind.  And this one at home?  She's fake.  No wonder the pancakes tasted off this morning.  There was that whole insulting him thing too, he suddenly recalled.

There's no helping it; he's got to look for her.]

B - [The streets]

[Armed with a hammer, a gardening trowel, and one of his handguns, he'll be looking for pods.  

ooc:  If you'd like to be rescued by Holland, feel free!  Just comment with the location of your character's pod and he'll get them out.]

C - [Pod]

[. . . not as expected.  Somewhere between the unplanned bout of unconsciousness and waking up in a slimy, dark, horrible space, Netherlands was caught and put into a pod himself.  He'll immediately discovers that calling for help was a bad idea, getting a mouthful of ooze and finding it hard to breathe or even move in the cramped space.  After struggling as much as he can, he eventually falls back unconscious. Too bad; he'd always liked plants, too.]</small>

D - [Podland]

[Podland, as he will be named from here on out, seems to be enjoying Holland's life in Mayfield.  He goes to the house on 1447 MItchell just in time to watch Canada and podwife Canada duke it out on the lawn for a bit, straightening a few broken flowers and giving some friendly advice, but whether it's to the podwife or the notwife it's impossible to tell.]</small>

Nou ja. . .

It's good to see you enjoying yourself, but you really shouldn't damage the yard!

[And then he'll smile, though it's just a bit sneaky.  Yes, Podland is definitely enjoying this.]

E - [Later] 

[Feel free to bump into Podland; he's probably visiting some of Holland's good friends and neighbors with armfuls of tulips to offer.  The yard on Mitchell Rd. is practically barren of the flowers. ] 

[After midnight - for Canada]

[Eventually, once he realizes the pods have vanished, he'll head home.  He spent all the rest of the night looking for Canada, and now he's just exhausted.  There's still dried slime everywhere and he just wants rest.

He walks in the door, dropping his hammer in the entry-way and slowly heading up the stairs.]


Sep. 26th, 2011 03:24 pm
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[A] - (The streets of Mayfield)

[It's a ridiculous sight, really. Not as if Holland would care how he appears to anybody but himself but he's--

 He's walking his bunny.

The small animal has a bright orange harness on, there is a leash attached, and he's slowly walking down the sidewalk as Poffertje investigates various plants, cracks in the sidewalk, and bushes.

Netherlands himself looks very subdued, maybe even more so than usual; he looks downright depressed.]

[B] - (1245 Williams Rd - Taiwan's house)

[It was pretty decent of a person, Holland supposed, so check on somebody after you ended up shooting them. Even if they had been a zombie at the time.

He'd killed Japan. It wasn't fair that he'd had to kill Japan, and Taiwan's phone call had him very worried. All he could think of was the way that Hilbert had never come back after he'd been killed; even though he'd died himself and had come back, and so had Canada and Hilda. . . the way Taiwan spoke just left him unsettled. Holland could never be alright with the way people died here; there was just too much uncertainty.

He'll be knocking on the door now.]

[C] - (1447 Mitchell Rd)

[Residents will find notdad lying on his back in the tulips in the front yard, staring morosely at the blue sky, watching the clouds. The bunny leash is held loosely in his hand, and Poffertje seems content in the plants, nibbling.  In his other hand is a cigarette.

There's no sign whatsoever of movement.]

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[A] - Phonecall home for [livejournal.com profile] welljustwatchme and/or [livejournal.com profile] backinblackcity

Canada?  Hilda?  If one of you are there you should say so.

[B] - Phonecall 

Hello?  I need-- I need someone.  It's strange . . .this is Netherlands and I'm at the pharmacy; there's--

[And he's no longer on the line.]

[C] - The Pharmacy

[Yes, he went to work this morning.  He went to work most mornings, though not as often as he had when he first got here.  It wasn't rare for him to take two days off in a row . . . but this wasn't one of those times.  Too bad.  What he first notices are customers coming into the store . . . but not leaving.  They weren't lining up at the counter either, the drones were simply there.  

Of course, it was hard to miss when a few started attacking the others as well; definitely impossible not to notice when a moment later one of the drone co-workers got bit on the arm.  Bit?  

Yes, bit.

And tried to bite another drone.  Okay.  After hauling the drone co-workers over the pharmacy counter, Holland slammed the glass windows shut and locked them, locking the door that led behind the counter as well.  He had just enough time to make a few phone calls before he heard glass breaking; there were drones in the hallway and the only place he could go was the broom closet, locking the door.  It didn't seem like anything would get to him any time soon; the drones seemed weak and more brainless than usual.  It wasn't as if he'd never seen a zombie film, he just hadn't quite connected things in his mind. . .hopefully somebody would come.  He had his handgun on him, but only a few spare bullets.]

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[They never drank the milk; they hardly ever took it inside, Holland making sure to put the bottles into the trash bin unopened so Canada and Hilda wouldn't have to deal with it.  There was something satisfying about the crash the glass made as it shattered.  This morning was no different, save for the ugly postcard that went into the trash bin right along with the bottle of milk. 

Netherlands was always a willful and stubborn nation; the droning doesn't take effect until he's at work at the pharmacy.]

[A]  The Pharmacy [Open; especially to coworkers]

[Holland was exactly the kind of person - er, nation - you'd want working in a pharmacy.  The attention to detail and the careful organization made him a great employee who was really useful and rarely made mistakes. 

But shooting the drone woman who'd pestered him about filling her order too slowly was probably a mistake.  The hand-gun was the one he'd kept on him since the murder competition; he'd taken it right out of the holster he kept at the small of his back, held it over the counter and pulled the trigger.  ]

I'll be damned!

[He gives a short chuckle, shaking his head and smiling sheepishly as if he'd only just done something minorly careless and not actually lodged a bullet between the woman's eyes.]

It's a perfect day to spend at home with the wife and kids, right?  I won't be back until tomorrow.

[And he's closing up his counter, about to head out the door with an easy smile.]

[B] Walking Home

[Target practice!  Approaching him constitutes a very serious risk to your character; be advised.]

[C] 1447 Mitchell Rd. [Residents and neighbors]

[Nothing was better than walking in the front door of his own home.  Where was Maggie, and where were the children?  They'd be glad to see him home early; maybe they could even take a trip to the park or the pool!]

Maggie?  Maggie, are you home?

[If him calling Canada Maggie wasn't hint enough that he's been droned, the cheerful tone and effortless smile on his face are.  His shirt is covered with frightening streaks of blood.]
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I think what I miss most about home while being in Mayfield is my bunny.  His name is Poffertje because his tail makes me think of the little round pancakes -- they're really good, you know.  

Anyway, he's really good company and I like talking to him.  We have pretty long conversations and it's nice to hold him because he has really soft and fluffy fur.  I can tell he's listening when I talk to him because of the way he moves his nose and ears.  One of my favorite things is to take him on a walk with his bunny harness and watch him sniff in the grass. 

I know it's his favorite thing too.  

[There's a sigh over the line.]

And sometimes I miss zusterje.  One time when she fell asleep on the sofa I put Poffertje next to her and took a picture.  That way I could have both of my favorite cute things together at one time.  I wish I had that picture with me in Mayfield.

[ooc:  Zusterje is of course, Belgium.  Right now he's probably at a 2-3.]
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[A - morning]

[He slept in; it was a holiday after all, one of his favorite holidays of the entire year.  He kissed Maggie good morning and immediately shed his pajamas, dressing for the day.  After a little toast and coffee he was ready for the holiday.  He can be found in the kitchen or hauling some decorations from the basement. ]

[B - barbeque]

[It's afternoon and he's barbequing - in the front yard.  Wearing this.  The grill is full of hamburgers and hot dogs, even a little smoked sausage and the picnic table is nicely set. No, there wasn't much he enjoyed more than celebrating a holiday and grilling something good for the family - his wife, his daughter, his son.  His father had always said that moving to America before the war had saved their lives. . .

. . . but why did he have memories of starving in the cold of winter.  He wouldn't have even been old enough to serve in the army.  Maybe he'd had a nightmare.  Well, it was sure a good reminder of the freedom he enjoyed here, that's for sure.  He'll call into the house to see what the others are up to.  Maybe he could even play some ball with the boy.  Even if he were feeling off, this was a holiday and he shouldn't ruin it for the family.]

Maggie!  Hilda!  Hilbert!

[C - phone]

Happy Fourth of July to my neighbors and friends.  You can come over for dinner if you want, no invitation needed. 

[He'd rather it just be the four of them at home - he always was a homebody - but he knows that inviting the neighbors would make the wife and kids happy.]

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[A - Shopping, particularly the clothing store]

[He was definitely planning on going to the swimming pool party.  Even without pretty girls in swimming suits, relaxing was nice and Holland was always desperate for something new to do in Mayfield -- something to relieve the boredom. 

Now, he simply had to convince Canada to go.  They could both enjoy a break. . .

But really, he just wants to see her in a swimsuit; she'd be lovely.  So that's why the tall man still in his pharmacy coat from work is shopping in the ladies' section of Bodine Fashion looking at bathing suits.  Feel free to ask him what on earth he's doing.]

B - for residents of 1447 Mitchell Rd.  Neighbors who might be able to see through the windows are also welcome.]

[He finally decided on this suit.  The nautical theme was pretty appealing, at least to him.  Once he puts his bike away and hangs up his coat, Holland approaches Canada while she's making dinner, announcing he's home as he comes into the kitchen, carefully putting his wallet in the kitchen drawer where he always put it, day after day.]
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[A - residents of 1447 Mitchell Rd.]

[He liked to spend a lot of Sunday sleeping in and napping; it simply made the time pass by more quickly. Mayfield really did get unbearably dull for Holland and sometimes he got tired of trying to think of something more to do to the house or yard.
So it's well into mid-morning when he finally gets himself out of bed, immediately going for some coffee in the kitchen. ]

 [B - all Mayfield residents]

[After the an enormous dinner from Canada - she really outdid herself, truly - Holland can be seen taking a walk with said female nation, notdaughter Hilda, and most likely Hilda's pokemon. He's well aware, by now, what Father's Day in Mayfield means, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying their company.
They'll be walking by.]

[C - Taiwan's house - all Mayfield residents (approval gotten from Taiwan mun)]
[After asking Taiwan to let them ride her ferris wheel for free (if she complains enough, he might pay her later) he'll enjoy the ride with his notfamily.
Yes, it's just a peaceful Sunday evening outing. Feel free to say hello.]

[7] -

Jun. 10th, 2011 08:28 am
[Backdated to the day after the event - A]

[When he wakes up in bed next to the drone wife, who wraps her arms around him and gives him a kiss good morning as if he hadn't left her locked in the room for a week and people hadn't been murdering each other in the street . . . he was a little surprised. 

Netherlands has been the type to expect and prepare for the worst, after all.  He'd definitely wondered if he'd open his eyes again after passing out from his injuries outside the pharmacy; he'd never died as a human before.  He'd prefer not to do it again.

After nudging the drone wife away, Netherlands goes to the door. . . only to find it still locked; he'd never unlocked it to let the drone wife out, focusing more on keeping himself and Hilda safe. 

Verdomme.  [There's some pounding on the door, and some calling for help.]

Hallo?  I need somebody to open the door . . . ! 

[If It's a matter of how long he can stand to be locked in a room with the drone wife, it isn't long; she's still creepy as ever.  His other option is the second floor window.]

[A few days later]

[Phone to Spain]

Spanje; Did you know Italië Romano was here?  But he's a she.  [Maybe he's behind the times. . . .]

[Phone to Everybody]

The next person who damages my house or yard in any way is going to get buried in the backyard.

Nobody will hear you when you ask for help.


[He's, not surprisingly, gardening when he gets a package delivered; it relieved quite a bit of the stress he was still feeling.  Sitting on the lawn, he opens the paper envelope and a piece of blue and white fabric slides out into his lap. ]


[He wraps it around his neck; nevermind that he's wearing shorts and a polo and it doesn't match at all.  After giving the scarf a bit of a nuzzle (nobody saw that, go away), he sighs.  It smelled like home.]


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